Friday, April 13

She's One of a Kind!

Top ten things I love about the internet...

1) e-mail--I go absolutely bat-shit crazy when something prevents me from checking my e-mail.
2) netflix--and to think I used to stand around in the video store wondering what to rent...and to think I paid LATE FEES!
3) this blog--SO self-indulgent! SO much fun!
4) bloglines--keeps all the blogs I love to read in some semblance of order and starts my day with a batch of fresh new posts.
5) hyperlinks--don't you feel like an adventurer when you allow yourself to get lost in a whirl of link buttons until you just don't remember what you started out looking at in the first place?
6) wikipedia--all the questionably truthful knowledge you could hope to handle...proof of democracy in action on the internet.
7) google maps--no folding required.
8) craigslist--take my junk...please!
9) Oh my beloved did I ever live without you? (I recently reached purple star level with more than 500 positive feedback--I'm foxy!)

and number 10...completely useless web-sites like this one that for some reason suck us in with the power of their sheer pointlessness.

There are two other Tracy Sangsters in the U.S.

There are four other Ian Caballeros in the U.S.

There is only ONE Matilda Caballero in the U.S...and we got her!

"I'm one of a kind!"


Mrs. Hewson said...

They said that no one in the ENTIRE country has the same last name as I do. Umm, I can think of at least THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cricket said...

there are 101 hannah campbells. shouldn't there be a movie?