Tuesday, October 31

Another Instance Matilda Will Bring Up to her Therapist Someday

We really should stop treating our baby like a toy, but it's just so much fun!

I refused to spend a lot of money on a costume for a newborn who'll only wear it for 15 minutes and who is too young to go out candy begging for her parents. Thus, $6 and three rolls of gauze later we had Little Imhotep, infant mummy called back from the afterlife by foolish explorers.

Here she exacts her punishment in blood.

Before anyone posts comments about the inhumane treatment of our baby, keep in mind that she is most happy when swaddled--the tighter the better--and about 5 minutes after we mummified her, she was fast asleep. No baby brains were removed through the nose with a coat hanger.

Thursday, October 19

To All Those People Who Keep Saying That Matilda Looks Exactly Like Ian

Bite me.

Matilda at 1 month

Tracy at 2 months

Saturday, October 14

Aunties and Grandmas

As I type this, Matilda is fussing because I have dared to put her in her crib. She has become very spoiled over the past 10 days because of all the attention she has been getting from her many doting visitors. Now she's left alone again with mean ol' Mommy who wants her to sleep in her crib to take a nap and not in somebody's arms. What a bitch Mommy can be! Aunties and Grandmas are WAY better!

First, Auntie Erin, Uncle Brian and Baby Claire came to see us. We took a trip to Apple Hill in Placerville for the fall harvest. We had fun gorging ourselves on apple treats, but probably the best part of the trip was putting Matilda in her pumpkin hat and then waiting for the wave of compliments on how adorable our baby is. You be the judge:

We also took our first ever family portrait. (How we managed to go more than 3 weeks without realizing that we had not yet taken a picture of all three of us together is a pretty impressive feat of stupidity.)

Matilda was a fascinating toy for Claire, who wanted desperately to pull M.'s hair and would not be dissuaded by the fact that M. is bald. Soon they will be old enough to chase each together, and then the fun will really start!

Next on the guest list was Mama Cat, who was pretty overwhelmed with joy at visiting her new granddaughter. Mama Cat also did a wonderful job of spoiling M. with lots of attention and cuddles and oh, did I mention the baby sunglasses?

M. also had her one month birthday while Mama Cat was visiting. At her well-baby appointment she weighed in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 22 inches long. Our little Amazon girl is growing fast! Maybe it's all that sushi we've been feeding her.

"I'm this big!"

Disclaimer: Above photo is staged. Do not feed your newborn sushi. For humor purposes only.