Wednesday, June 11

National Doughnut Day

June found M. and I back in the LBC to visit the Wilsons and meet Baby Audrey. One morning, Brian and I were up early with the kids, and we saw on the news that it was National Doughnut Day. I didn't even KNOW that there WAS a National Doughnut Day! Of course, I didn't need any better justification to go get some doughnuts, so we packed the kids in the car in their pajamas and took off to Krispy Kreme to get our free doughnuts!

Yay! Krispy Kreme!

Decisions, decisions...

A balanced and nutritious breakfast!

We LOVE Doughnut Day!

Sunday, June 1

My Favorite Band in the WORLD!

My birthday trip to Berkeley with Micaela to see R.E.M. Back in May. Yes, I'm catching up.

Navigating Berkeley can be difficult unless you spot a car to follow...

Opening act...EURIPIDES!

SO excited!

My expansive seat space.

You can never have too many Michael Stipes.

Matilda's First Camping Trip

On Memorial Day we went on a short trip to Auburn to camp with my friend Hannah after her rafting trip. I wasn't sure if Matilda would be too into camping, but she loved it! Daddy was a little less enthused about the amount of dirt M. wanted to spread all over herself.

"This is MY log! Get your own!"

Relaxing with Auntie Hannah

Enjoying the view...of dirt.