Saturday, October 14

Aunties and Grandmas

As I type this, Matilda is fussing because I have dared to put her in her crib. She has become very spoiled over the past 10 days because of all the attention she has been getting from her many doting visitors. Now she's left alone again with mean ol' Mommy who wants her to sleep in her crib to take a nap and not in somebody's arms. What a bitch Mommy can be! Aunties and Grandmas are WAY better!

First, Auntie Erin, Uncle Brian and Baby Claire came to see us. We took a trip to Apple Hill in Placerville for the fall harvest. We had fun gorging ourselves on apple treats, but probably the best part of the trip was putting Matilda in her pumpkin hat and then waiting for the wave of compliments on how adorable our baby is. You be the judge:

We also took our first ever family portrait. (How we managed to go more than 3 weeks without realizing that we had not yet taken a picture of all three of us together is a pretty impressive feat of stupidity.)

Matilda was a fascinating toy for Claire, who wanted desperately to pull M.'s hair and would not be dissuaded by the fact that M. is bald. Soon they will be old enough to chase each together, and then the fun will really start!

Next on the guest list was Mama Cat, who was pretty overwhelmed with joy at visiting her new granddaughter. Mama Cat also did a wonderful job of spoiling M. with lots of attention and cuddles and oh, did I mention the baby sunglasses?

M. also had her one month birthday while Mama Cat was visiting. At her well-baby appointment she weighed in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 22 inches long. Our little Amazon girl is growing fast! Maybe it's all that sushi we've been feeding her.

"I'm this big!"

Disclaimer: Above photo is staged. Do not feed your newborn sushi. For humor purposes only.


ErinBW said...

Damn! I wasn't supposed to feed BabyC sushi?

Hee! Hee! It was so much fun to visit with the little Matilda Larvae. Next time I see her she'll be just coming out of her cocoon and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Doug said...

Two babies in one picture?! Can the world handle such extraordinary cuteness? Not even the sushi joke could undermine the cuteness.

If this is to be the end of things, at least we'll be cooing our way into the afterlife (or lack thereof, depending on one's belief structure).

ZParents said...

Matilda, you might just be mistaken for a pumpkin if you lay real still with that fabby hat on... I'd worry that some wayward tot may try to scoop out your insides, but lucky for you, newborn digestive tracts do all that work for the lucky tot!

Beautiful family photo; clearly a bountiful fall crop.

Doug said...

Ooo. New template.