Saturday, April 14

Easter, Part Two

Easter pictures continue, courtesy of Brian.

Saturday night found us back at our rental where Auntie Hannah met us. We absolutely HAD to color eggs, even though by the time we got around to it, the babies were both in bed. Still, after a few glasses of wine, egg coloring was a blast. I think that Hannah even dyed an egg IN her wine!

Lacking any of the basic coloring accoutrement (crayons, stickers, what have you), Hannah raided the tool drawer and came up with scotch tape, some old masking tape, and emergency candles. We made do and came up with some pretty impressive eggs.

On Easter Sunday we were up bright and early so that the babies could take part in the egg hunt at the park across the street. First, though, they got to see what the Easter Bunny brought them...a basket full of sugary goodness for Claire, and Mr. Bonecruncher the Easter Shark for Matilda. Mr. Bonecruncher likes to eat Peeps.

Then it was off to the park across the street for the egg hunt. There was a special hunt for kids two and under, in their own part of the park, but that lasted about all of two minutes before the big kids invaded and stole all the eggs. Matilda managed to find two eggs, and Claire three, before all the eggs were gone.

"I'm ready for eggs!"

Matilda finds her first egg.

"Dear God! What is this horrible creature?!"

Since there were no more eggs, Matilda took her first ride on a swing...

She was unimpressed.

After the hunt, Hannah and I drove to SLO to go to church. I hadn't been to church in, oh...a decade or so, so I was pleased to find out that I remembered how to do it. While we were gone, Erin and Ian, our resident gourmet chefs, whipped up an Easter feast to be proud of. Then Hannah and Erin came up with various ways to torture Peeps--Hannah opted for a classic roasting over an open flame, while Erin went straight for the microwave...

and I settled in for a nice Easter nap with Mr Bonecruncher.


ZParents said...

That looks so fun! Don't be surprised if we crash your easter egg hunt next year!

Cricket said...

i don't remember dying a egg in wine, but i DO remember almost drinking the dye. oops.