Thursday, April 12

Time Warp to Saint Patty's

I'm going to take you back in time, now. I neglected to post about Matilda's first St. Patrick's Day last month, but, I'm not going to beat myself up about it because hey, it's my blog, and I can post things out of order if I want to!

In Reno there is an event that takes place every month in which the city's open container ordinances are conveniently overlooked for the afternoon. This booze-fest is the Downtown Wine Walk. Most of the downtown businesses meet their civic duty and convert for the day from retail stores and restaurants into bars, and for $15 you get to wander around the city center with a wine glass "tasting" all of the wines that the businesses are "sampling". (Read: the businesses buy the cheapest two-buck-chuck they can find and mete it out in tiny little splashes, requiring people to run around to every business as quickly as possible in order to get as drunk as possible in the three hours allowed.) Fun, no? And absolutely appropriate as a family outing! (I use sarcasm, but there were actually many, many people with babies wandering around the wine walk--hey! We can't go to bars, OKAY?) So, we packed the baby in her Bjorn and headed out for a St. Patty's Day treat. Matilda seemed to enjoy herself; she had some fascinating conversations with inebriated citizens while we waited in lines--babies like being taken seriously. She also visited a gay bar for the first time--an important first for any baby, especially a daughter of mine, who will, because she holds half of my genes, be enigmatically drawn to gay men.

"Mama, I think (hic) I've had too much wine!"

Sangstellero parenting tip #53:
Don't let a little thing like having a baby hinder your holiday drinking.

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