Sunday, January 6

Who's Your Candidate?

Well, my boy Joe Biden has dropped out of the presidential race--I'm not at all surprised, but still disappointed. However, according to this quiz, I shouldn't have been supporting him in the first place--I should have been supporting Dennis Kucinich, with whom I agree on 94% of the issues important to me. Hmph. Who knew? Because, you know, HE has such a great chance at making it to the nomination! Second place is bat-shit crazy Mike Gravel, followed by Edwards, then Richardson, then Clinton, then Obama. Funny how my issues preferences seem to be inverse to how each candidate is doing. If I were a Republican, my best match would be Ron Paul (blech!) followed by John McCain.

As much as I dislike one's civic duties being narrowed down to a five-minute quiz, I must admit, it's pretty cool and you should check it out. At least it's better than choosing/not choosing somebody because you just have a "good/bad feeling" about him/her.

Let me know your results!


ErinBW said...


My top match was Bill Richardson, followed VERY closely by a tie between Kucinich and Obama, then Hillary, Edwards and Gravel.

My top republican candidates are McClain, then Giuliani, and Romney. Although, these three were far below all of the dems in my ranking.

Himself said...

My candidate is Kucinich. Of course, his wisdom is lesser than Mine, but he is the best of a sad lot, obviously, since he is most in agreement with Me.

Dan said...

For some reason i'm not even allowed to vote in the American election. I call that racist.

Holli said...

Thanks for posting the quiz, Tracy. My results show that Kucinich should be my candidate of choice (which doesn't surprise me, since I do agree with a lot of what he has to say), followed by "bat-shit crazy" Gravel. I didn't have the stomach to even see who my Republican alliances would have been.

The Giant said...

Top was Bill Richardson at 81%, followed by Kucinich, then Hilary and Obama. Truthfully, I'm disgusted with them all.

Mrs. Hewson said...

My candidate is, as you put it, bat-shit crazy Mike Gravel. Does that mean I am bat shit crazy? I took another quiz like this one and it said I needed to vote for Obama.

Doug said...

If he's good enough for Oprah, this quiz says he's good enough for me: Obama, 74%. Bat-Shit (Gravel) and Hot-Wife (Kucinich) and No-Nickname (Richardson) tied at 70%. (Granted, Clinton and Edwards were 69%. Exactly what makes them 1% different?)

Even the Republicans fall into the 63%-55% similarity range. (Law & Order gets the top nod amongst them, 63%. Cue the two-note theme.)

Apparently I am more like ALL of the candidates (by virtue of them all being over 50%) than I am unlike ANY of them. So, according to this quiz, no matter who ends up in the White House, they will represent me. Or slightly more than half of me.

Wow, it's great to be white and male. Granted, it seems all that matters with me when it comes to politics is the male part.

It's lucky that politics has no actual effect on anything important...

BellWookie said...

I am 83% similar with Kucinich, 81% with Gravel & 78% with Clinton. Oddly enough all Democrat. Thanks for sharing this quiz. Hadn't seen it before.

Cricket said...

hm. i'm
86% kucinich
86% bat shit crazy
78% edwards

and me being white but not male, apparently drops all the republicans below 46% in their ability to represent me.

i'm glad to know i'm still a democrat. i was beginning to worry.

Dinah said...

How 'bout that...I came out #1 batshitcrazy #2 kucinich the nebbish. Actually none of it surprised me though. But this time around I just can't waste my time and money on people who only have the proverbial snowball's chance in hell - I did that last election and look what it got me!