Monday, January 7

The Great Reading List of '08

So I've been meaning to add a "Books I'm reading/read" widget for a while now, and what better time than the New Year to start tracking my reading habits? Nobody has ever questioned that I read a lot (hello--Literature major?), but this year I will discover exactly how many books I read. I'm even going to try to review the books I read, but we'll see how that promises. So far I haven't completed any books, so the two you see in my sidebar are both "in progress." Check it out!


Dan said...

Dan Leone, a blogger I read and really like, is taking part in a book reading challenge at the moment. Maybe it might be worth looking into.

Doug said...

As one whose focus was in creative writing, I feel no compulsion to engage in this literature stuff.

(Of course, apparently I also feel no compulsion to write all that creatively either.)

Well, at least someone is giving publishers a reason to keep printing up books.