Tuesday, December 4

Paving the Road to Hell

So once again I have failed utterly at Nablopomo. I'm sure I won some fabulous prize, but Fussy had to pass me over in disgust because I stopped posting less than halfway through the month. I'm sure that Oprah is also feeling disappointed, as she is a big fan of my blog. What else explains the fact that the next day after I wrote that I think everyone should read Pillars of the Earth, Oprah announced that it was her new book of the month? She totally got that idea from my blog. Totally.

Sorry, Oprah, that I blew Nablopomo...again.


Doug said...

One can only hope that when eventually Oprah starts her "Blog of the Month" club that she will give you the recognition you deserve.

But don't hold your breath.

("You get a blog! And you get a blog!...)

ErinBW said...

If they had offered stickers as rewards I KNOW you would have posted every day. People will do anything for stickers.

BellWookie said...

or chocolate! I kept checking back to see if you had updated. maybe next year.