Sunday, November 11

Nablopomo: Day Eleven

Teeth! Finally!

Matilda is what they (and by "they" I mean whoever it is that sets these standards) call a "late teether." This is one possible explanation for her being such an exceptionally well-behaved baby. As of her first birthday she had only one little bottom tooth poking out. As of today she has five--both bottom center, both top center, and one top side, with a little bubble already forming for the other top side. Just as I'd feared--because she waited so long, they are all coming in at one time. It doesn't seem to bother her much, though. In fact, she is having lots of fun with her new chompers. She likes biting things--crackers, books, Mama--and she especially likes making the world's most horrible noise by grinding her teeth together. I'm not sure if she's suffering from severe baby stress or what, but it is a horrible habit, and I'm not really sure what, if anything, to do about it.

Has anyone else out there in the blogosphere had this problem? Is my baby going to grind her new teeth down into little nubs?

We've also started a dental health regimen--that is, we're teaching M. to brush her teeth.

Agh! GRANDMA TONNA! What are you doing!

Oh, okay GRANDMA TONNA, I think I got this now.

Tooth brushing pro!

This post dedicated to GRANDMA TONNA. If you do not understand why GRANDMA TONNA is in all caps, then you are not GRANDMA TONNA.


ErinBW said...

We brush Claire's teeth to the tune of the Pilgrim Pines weird tooth-brushing song:

"You wake up in the morning, it's a quarter to three, you just can't wait to take a pee.

You brush your teeth, ch-ch-ch-ch -ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.

You brush your teeth, ch-ch-ch-ch -ch-ch-ch-ch-ch."

etc. etc. etc.

BellWookie said...

yeah, every time S got new teeth he tested out their sounds & their sharpness (mostly on me, nursing was always fun!)

ah the toothbrush suck. how sweet.