Friday, November 9

Nablopomo: Day Nine

Another rewind...

Last month we made our annual trip to Apple Hill near Placerville. Last year Matilda was just a teeny little thing, but this year she was big enough to have some real fun! We started out at High Hill Ranch to get some apple cider milkshakes. M. shared our milkshakes with us (if grunting in a way that says "Hand over the milkshakes and nobody gets hurt" constitutes sharing).

After sucking down everone's milkshake, she was full of enough strength and energy to wrangle a bear.

(Ignore the red-headed woman behind the bear.)

Then she took a pony ride...

"Faster, pony! Faster!"

But most of all, she developed a deep and abiding love for pumpkins...

Big pumpkins...
Little pumpkins...Fake pumpkins...And medium pumpkins.
"Pumpkin! Get in my belly!"

My daughter, the gourdophile.

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BellWookie said...

love the fake pumpkin photo! and I am so jealous of your trip to Apple Hill. We went to a farm, but it isn't the same.

and I am now mentally taking back my thought that you were falling behind. :)