Thursday, November 8

Nablopomo: Day Eight

This is Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Terrorizer of Barovia, Dark Lord of Castle Ravenloft.

And he is dead. We killed him last night at my dining room table. It took us a year of Wednesday nights, but he is turned to dust, the castle is cleansed, and Barovia is saved.

Just one step closer to winning the War on Terror.

You're welcome.



BellWookie said...

what game is this?

Dan said...

I hate Ravenloft with a passion, probably more to do with the psudo goth DM we had who ran it rather than anything else.

"You encounter a strange fog up ahead"

"Oh crap, i knew I shouldn't have been a paladin. I run in the other direction"

"The Fog swirls towards you and envelops you"

"I kill myself"

Tammy & Darren said...

You are a geek. And I love you anyway.

Mrs. Hewson said...

Oh! Undead!! Teensey, help me! Turn them! Kill. Kill! KILL!

oh, how I hate Strohd, with his wee beady eyes, "Oh, you want to come to my castle, huh?"

Doug said...

A barbarian named S'uh died as well, but you brought him back.

The original Bionic Woman was killed but was brought back.

I'm just saying. 'Dead' is only for the unpopular.