Saturday, May 5

Pub Grub

Okay, so I haven't been writing much this week, but I feel the need to post something, anything, so that my mad, sad, very bad post isn't still the first thing people see when they come visit. So here.In an effort to convince M. that deep-fried clam strips are not appropriate food for little babies with no teeth, we gave her her own plate to hold her puffs so that she could eat with Daddy. As you can see, she's still eyeballing the clam strips.

You may wonder why M. is in her pajamas...that would be because we already packed away all of her winter attire that she had mostly outgrown in favor of spring/summer wear because it's, you know, MAY?! and then it started snowing this week. Soft, fluffy jammies are the warmest thing M. has to wear. If it snows on my birthday, I'm leaving.

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