Thursday, April 26

And I Mean it!

There's been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere lately regarding Bratz dolls and the recent APA task force findings on the dangers of sexualizing young girls (because apparently it's not dangerous until a task force says so). Rather than rehash the issue on this blog, I will point you here and here and here and here for a sampling of the responses. I just wanted to point out three things:

1) Regarding yesterday's post--I would rather M. cuss like a sailor than have her play with a Bratz or Barbie's that for priorities?

2) Please go to this site to sign a petition to tell Scholastic to keep Bratz books out of schools and to see what other actions can be taken to protect kids from the influence of marketers.

3) I believe that one of the main reasons parents succumb to the pressures of allowing their girls to have these toys is because they are received as gifts. As a society, we are trained that it is very rude to reject a gift, and therefore, if Great-Aunt Madge buys a Barbie, then it gets allowed into the house, lest we upset a poor old woman who didn't know any better. I believe that parents need to have the courage to voice their concerns about Barbies and Bratz and Disney Princess and any other self-esteem destroying "toys" that are out there, and to make it clear that those sorts of toys are not allowed. Look, I will start:

Dear Friends and Family:

I know that M. is not yet old enough to play with dolls, but when she is, I will not allow a Barbie or a Bratz doll into my home. [I reserve the right to also ban any other toy I deem inappropriate that I may not yet be familiar with or that may be released in the future.] If you buy her one of these dolls, or any of the subsequent merchandising related to these dolls, I will throw it into the trash. I will not do this out of anger towards you, and I do not want to offend you--I will do this to protect my daughter, her self-esteem, and her perception of womanhood. I ask that you support me in this even if you do not agree.

With love and thanks,


MommasWorld said...

One year, around Christmas time, I made a request to my family and friends not to give my toddlers toys that made noises or required batteries. My friends must really love me because my family all gave electronic gizmos that made all sorts of noises.

I hope you get your wish.

ZParents said...

Here, here sistuh!

IzzyMom said...

That's an awesome letter and one I wish I'd written before my MIL gave my daughter a hideous My Scene doll (the slutty Barbie-branded Bratz counterpart)

Sadly (NOT!)...that doll disappeared a long time ago :)

Thanks for the link and spreading the word!

Mrs. Hewson said...

Can I get an AMEN!!?

mom said...

OMG. I love this letter. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Would never ever have the backbone to send it. I confess. My parenst know better and my inlaws would kill me in my sleep. I made dh have a big fight with them when we got a barbie. Now everyone knows, I hope.

Still, f-ing LOVE the letter. LOVE IT.