Wednesday, February 7

A Zit Story

So this morning I woke up immediately knowing that I had a gigantic zit on my chin. Horrible. That's just a sucky way to start the day...stretch, yawn, feel the zit growing on your chin. I sensed it was not going to be a great day.

It was at this point that I heard M. babbling at me from her crib. I went in to get her up and what did I see but a great big zit in exactly the same place on her chin! So. weird. She smiled at me as if to say: See, Mama? We all get zits.

I love her.

Zit Twins


ErinBW said...

What a thoughtful baby you made!!

Tammy & Darren said...

Kid looks like her Daddy, even with Mommy's zit. And check out all that hair on her head! QT Pie!

ErinBW said...

I MUST say though, that those look like mama's eyes!

ErinBW said...
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BellWookie said...

LOL! What a sweet, thoughtful child. :S