Tuesday, February 6

This IS the Next Big Idea!

Okay, I've finally come up with it...the idea that is going to make me millions! So there I was, chugging away at my own, personal torture device elliptical trainer, when it came to me: the ultimate motivation to torture oneself exercise! I (and by "I" I mean Ian) will design a box that will hook up to one's TV and also to one's chosen torture device exercise machine. The TV will only work so long as the torture device exercise machine is in use! I know! Brilliant, right? Want that Lost fix? You have to exercise! Survivor premier coming up? Exercise! Sesame Street on? Well, that kid better figure out how to EXERCISE! The benefits of this invention are two-fold--you get more exercise while simultaneously cutting back on your television viewing.

You better not steal this idea from me before I can get it to Oprah.

Edited to include:

The train of thought which led to this "Big Idea":

If only I could make it through The Daily Show! I'll do it! I will keep going through The Daily Show! Oh! A commercial! (fast forward, fast forward) Okay, let's keep going! You know, this segment is kind of boring. (fast forward, fast forward) Alright, almost there! Huh, I'm really not enjoying this guest too much (fast forward, fast forward) Hey! Look at that! The show is over! I made it! Yeah, uh, I worked out for a whole half-hour! (Or, you know, 7 minutes.)

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ZParents said...

I've been thinking about the Next Big Idea all week -- it's really fantastic. You have got to market that to SOMEone. It will make millions and you will be that much closer to an idealistic Grey's Anatomy existence!