Tuesday, September 5

T Minus One Week and Counting

The Dr has spoken.

We will have a baby in one week's time. (Unless, of course, Matilda decides to join the party before then.) Yes, I am going to be induced one week early, killing Ian's dreams of the baby being born on his birthday. Before I hear the murmurs of protest from those who believe that babies shouldn't be forced out into the cruel, cruel world before they are ready, let me assure you that I made sure to grill the Dr thoroughly about this decision, forcing him to explain why, exactly, he wants to induce. The reasons are thus: 1) My high blood pressure, whether it stems from my non-existent pre-eclampsia or just stress, is likely to turn into actual health-threatening pre-eclampsia if the baby doesn't come soon. 2) The baby is huge and strong and ready for the world, so inducing early will protect my health without endangering hers. And that sounds perfectly rational to me! So, next Tuesday at 7:30am I have an appointment with the labor and delivery ward at Washoe Medical Center...mark your calendars!

Also, these lovely photographs will be the last belly shots before I become significantly smaller, so I thought I'd better post them now. If you should want to obtain a copy of any of these photos (as I'm sure they will be worth a lot of money someday when Twitch rules the galaxy), please e-mail my friend Heather at akasmiles@sbcglobal.net, and she will be happy to take an order from you. (By the way, MAD PROPS to Heather for her generous use of Photoshop in removing all trace of my stretch marks...I feel like a celebrity mom with that kind of airbrush treatment!)


Tammy & Darren said...

OMIGOD! You are f**king gorgeous and (gasp!) Ian is smiling! And it's not forced! It's true and sincere and joyous (and his hair looks so awesome.) I didn't realize that a Daddy can have the "pregnancy glow" too.

ErinBW said...

Beautiful belly!!!! (and mama and daddy too)

Farrah said...

Hey you guys! It's your cousin Farrah! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I hope all is going well, as I am writing this on Matilda's b-day. I miss you guys. Ian, your hair looks awesome, and Tracy, you are beautiful!