Tuesday, September 19

And Daddy Has a Birthday, Too!

Well, I'm sure you've all been waiting with feverish anticipation for my epic narrative of our experience over the past week, but you're just going to have to wait a little while longer. It's not that I'm not going to tell the tale--oh, I am--it's just that I've been existing in a Vicadin-induced haze for the past week and have therefore been unable to maintain the mental focus to write much. However, I know Matilda's fans need more pictures on a regular basis like the baby junkies that you are, so in honor of Ian's birthday today I am posting a few now as an appetizer of the giant blog entry to come when I can think straight for more than 5 minutes. Enjoy!

"I HATE dresses! I hate them, I hate them!"

Ready to go home from the hospital

Nice and clean!

A pensive moment

Getting weighed at Daddy's work
(if M. were ground beef, she would be worth $34.77)

Thai food for Daddy's birthday...M. stuck with formula

Surfing the Net with Daddy

We had our first outing today...Matilda had a Drs appointment (totally healthy, by the way), so we dropped by Wild Oats so that Ian could show her off to everybody, and then we had birthday lunch at Thai Royal House. That's about all we could do because Mommy's not supposed to be out of bed until Friday. Poor Daddy! Talk about a birthday getting overshadowed. Oh well, somehow I think he doesn't mind.


Doug said...

Ian? Hmm. Let me think. No, can't remember this Ian fellow. Too distracted by the adorable baby pictures. I'm sure he deserves a happy birthday anyway.

ErinBW said...

I LOVE seeing her in BabyC's hand-me-down newborn outfit. I think it is even better the second time around!

Courtney said...

I hope you had a fantastic Birthday my handsome big brother. I love you!!!!

ZParents said...

Happy bday to Dad. I hope she let you sleep a full 3 hours that night before the dinner bell wailed!
She is one good looking newborn. None of that scrunched up stuff -- just pure, adorable, new baby good looks.

Marjorie Bell said...

Hmmm... I posted my comments, but there aren't here. Maybe your system rejected my system (kind of like the RH factor but in computers). She's a stunning combination of the two of you. I see Ian especially in "a pensive mood."