Tuesday, August 8

Eight Eight

Today is our three-year anniversary. The traditional gift for the third year is leather, which of course begs for some sort of kinky anniversary gift like whips or buttless chaps or the leather pants that Ian wanted so badly. Neither of us is feeling particularly sexy at the moment, though, so we both leaned more towards the practical. Ian got a belt and a tablet holder/portfolio thingy to carry his resumes in. I figured maybe the reason he's not getting asked for more interviews is because he lacks this vital piece of equipment. Now that he has a leather resume holder, the calls should come flooding in. I got a new pair of shoes, quite possibly the nicest thing anyone's ever gotten for me considering I've been wearing nothing but my Birkenstocks for the past three months. Now I have two pairs of shoes that fit...bliss!

At left is our anniversary portrait. Fetching, no? Ian wants to make it very clear that there is some sort of glare obscuring the top of his head and that he has not gone for a Jean Luc Picard look. I would like to point out that my nose is not so bulbous. But that's what you get when you spend $3 in the photo booth at the mall to record these special moments. Happy anniversary to us!


ErinBW said...

Many people experience nose swelling during pregnancy. I'm glad to hear that your blooming nose is only a visual effect!


Doug said...

I guess for a third anniversary of merely dating the appropriate gift would be pleather...

Congrats on not having to resort to that.