Tuesday, July 4

Belly Update

And now, by popular demand, a belly update. I haven't been growing too rapidly as of late. I sort of plateaued with my freakish growth early on, and for the past couple of months I've reached a sort of belly equilibrium the result of which is that I now almost look as pregnant as I actually am. Here's the stats as of my Drs. appointment last week:

Total weight gain since conception: 12 pounds
Approximate weight of baby: 3 pounds
Fundal height (size of uterus): 30 cm
Diameter of belly at belly button: 45 inches

With 11 weeks to go, all is well. I passed my gestational diabetes test, and I'm a little low on iron, but not enough to worry. All there is to do now is wait for my little streetfighter to grow and try not to deliver her too early. I feel great as long as Twitch is sleeping, but when she wakes up things aren't so comfortable.

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ErinBW said...

You look beautiful.