Friday, December 14

Upon Getting my Mail Just Now

Where the fuck are my Christmas cards?

Three days and nothing but junk mail.

Fuck you, Ron Paul, disguising your propaganda as a Christmas Card. You do not have my vote.

I sent out EIGHTY cards--I expect some RECIPROCATION PEOPLE!

Merry Christmas.



Mrs. Hewson said...

Now I really wish I would have mailed your card.

Heather Penrod said...

Hey -- mine was in the mail last Monday and should have been to your house by now...true, it's not a home-made card like you sent out (sue me - there was just no time), but it should still count! Did you get it?

Cricket said...

um, if it makes you feel any better, i think i still have your christmas card from 3 years go...
this year's will go out by february, i'm sure.

Tracysan said...

Heather, yours is the only Christmas card that has showed up in my mailbox. You are off the hook and get the crown for best Christmas spirit of all of my friends!

BellWookie said...

send me your address & I will send you the between New Years & Epiphany card that hasn't been purchase yet, and I am not sure if I have a good photo for it. danged film camera.