Tuesday, November 6

Nablopomo: Day Six

My Dad lives in Mexico. He and my uncles and my cousin Darrin all went in together a couple years back to buy this little house as a vacation getaway.

After his retirement became official, Dad decided to live down there full time. Many people ask where in Mexico my Dad lives, but it's hard to explain because he doesn't really live by any major city. Dad lives in Campo del Prado. Here is the turnoff:

In case that doesn't pinpoint it for you, how about this?

No? Okay, let's just say that my Dad lives in Eastern Baja, near the armpit of where baja connects to the rest of Mexico, in the Colorado River delta, or rather, where the Colorado River delta would be if the Colorado still ran free but which is now miles and miles of mud flats and irrigation canals. He lives on the Rio Hardy, a tributary of the Colorado. Here is the Rio Hardy as seen from my Dad's back porch:

Lovely, no?

This is my Dad and his girlfriend Delia, who, as you can see, Matilda became quite enamored with on our trip down there in October.

Delia does not have a travel visa, so this was the first time we got to meet her. My cousin Darrin came down for the weekend, too, and I got to spend quality time with him in the cantina down the river:
At first we fought a heated ping pong battle between us, but then we realized that we were, in fact, family, and that our powers were better utilized as a united team rather than as individual adversaries. Here Darrin intimidates the opponents of Team Sangster, the all-powerful pong alliance.

During our visit, Dad took us to San Felipe to enjoy the beach. He bought Matilda a couple of little Mexican dresses. Here she models one of them:

I know, I know, she looks like a tiny little Mexican, right? I better keep an eye out for the INS now that I've posted this on the internet, as they are sure to be breaking down my door to drag M. back to Mexico.

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BellWookie said...

what fun. and Matilda looks adorable in her dress.