Thursday, July 12

POST 100

This is my one-hundreth post. Hmmm...

I feel like I should have some super-amazing post to mark the occasion, but it's too damned hot for me to be that creative. So. Hot. I've been lying on my couch under a ceiling fan, with another rotary fan blowing in whatever ounce of cool breeze happens to pass by the front door, and a portable swamp cooler chugging away, filling the room more with humidity instead of cold air. And the computer, it just emits too much heat. Okay, well, maybe not, but it's certainly not making me any cooler.

So how about some random bullets?

  • We saw Harry Potter late last night. I loved it; Ian complained the whole way home about all the things that were changed from the book. He and I have this argument all the time. No matter how much I love a book, I realize that elements that work in one genre may not work in another, and therefore adaptations require changes in order for the story to work. He is a purist who doesn't want any detail of the book tampered with, even if that means that a movie would end up being sixteen hours long.
  • M. is still not crawling. She is SO close! She'll sit in "go" position rocking back and forth as though she's trying to work up the momentum to propel forward, and then she just quits, sits back on her bottom, and hollers. I think she's trying to fly instead of crawl. What a disappointment life must be sometimes.
  • I ran my first ever D&D campaign Sunday. (For you non-dorks out there, that means that I was the "Dun-geon Mas-ter".) Ian was really tired of DMing and wanted to play, so I gave it a shot using a very easy first-level module, and I think I did pretty well! Hey! I have managed to succeed at something this year...I'm not just a SAHM, I'm a BIG DORK DM SAHM! I'm adding initials to my title all the time.
  • It's hot.
  • I'm going to see the Dodgers play the Giants on Friday in San Francisco--a late birthday present from my sister. I hope I don't get my ass kicked by some rabid Giants fan, but anything's possible. Especially if that cheating asshole Barry Bonds manages to hit homerun Number 755 during that game in which case I might have to boo. Loudly. It's a dangerous time for a Dodger's fan in Giant's territory. I could go on about how that junkie doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Hank Aaron, but I realize that this argument, like so many others these days, is pointless because everyone has already made up their mind and not much is going to change it. Let me just say that if you think Barry Bonds deserves this record, you're WRONG!
Okay, that's it. I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer, now. Hope things are cooler wherever you are!


dghughes28 said...

Congratulations on your new Big Dork SAHM status.

That's the final straw. I'm sticking you on my Google Reader list.

All That Comes with It

Himself said...

I did not complain the whole time we walked home about changes. I pointed out that some scenes were actually reversed from the novel. I enjoyed the movie as well. Do not put words into my mouth, or you will draw back nubs.