Saturday, June 23


I've been a lazy writer lately, so please accept more adorable pictures of M. in place of my ramblings. She is changing so fast that I need to take lots of pictures to remember what she was like the day before.

Where did she get all that hair? She's already got enough for ponytails!

A present from Aunt Megan...M.'s first mouse ears from Disneyland.

M. is working on crawling, but she currently can only push herself backwards, which means she usually ends up under the furniture.

Hanging out with Auntie Crystal and Lucy--M.'s swimming buddy.

At the movie theater--M. loved Homer! She laughed and laughed!
(Click on picture to get a better view of the laughing.)


Oh, The Joys said...


Doug said...

Who doesn't love Homer?

Sweet display. Apparently we need to check out our local cineplex so I can love Homer, too.

That came out wrong.