Tuesday, May 29

Moving On Up

Yes, I am still alive. I have not been able to post on my own blog or read anyone else's for three weeks now. Because we moved! Yay!!! Moving Day was May 16, but we have been very busy ever since painting and unpacking and organizing and all of that crap that is part of the deal when you move. Plus I didn't have internet for a week...GAH!

Anyways, our new house is SO GREAT! It is in the old part of town--my favorite--in an old brick duplex that is historically protected by the City of Reno. And for an old house, it is BIG! 1100 sq ft and a basement! The inside has some aesthetic challenges, like a previous resident who liked wallpaper A LOT and a kitchen that was remodeled in the '70s, but what can you do? I am willing to overlook all of this for one simple pleasure...I am centrally located and can WALK downtown! No more nasty suburbs for me! I cannot tell you how much this has done to improve my mood. The last year has taught me that I am NOT a suburbs person, even with the perks of new houses with all of their new house smell and their new house wiring and their new house insulation. I like being in the middle of things, and, most of all, I like walking. "Commute" is a word that I would like to eradicate from my vocabulary altogether. From where we now live I can walk to the movies, walk to five different coffee houses, walk to the river, walk, walk, walk. And when I do have to drive, no more than a couple of miles will get me pretty much anywhere I want to go. I LOVE IT!

View of our new house, left side. Note that even though it is a duplex, the houses are only joined by the garages.

View of our new house, right side...Did I mention it was a corner lot?

Our neighbor across one street--God.

And across the other street--God.


Barbara C. said...

Hey, that's my church....good carma. What a neat area you live in. My favorite walks are through old Reno! Congrats!

ZParents said...

the antenna on your chimney even looks like a cross - you are surrounded! Can't get THAT in the suburbs!

Dinah said...

Living downtown - a good idea I agree.

Doug said...

Hope this "God" character keeps the racket down--you've got a baby who needs her sleep.

(I can just imagine Officer Dangle coming out in his short-shorts to tell God to keep it down.)

Good to have you back.

BellWookie said...

wow. congrats on the new digs. am jealous of your duplex in a place where you can walk to get other places easily. parts of living in "the country" that I like, but not being able to get pizza delivered or even walk to get something to eat is not one of them. hope M loves her new digs.

Whit said...

God is a pretty good neighbor, except on Sunday morning when you're trying to sleep in. He's always up early, singing and yelling about brimstone. Couldn't he do that on Tuesday?