Tuesday, February 27

"I Pity the Fool Who Doesn't Find Me Adorable!"

Because M. is growing so tall, I already had to unpack all of her 6-9 month clothes. And when I did, guess what I found? M.'s Mr. T onesie that had been hiding in there waiting for her to grow cool enough to own it. And own it she did. Of course, I put her hair in a stylish mohawk to emphasize her coolness, and then we went out to breakfast where she proceeded to impress me by sitting in a high chair for the first time (yay!) and by eating some of the Cheerios that the waitress brought her. Thanks, Auntie Erin and Uncle Brian for getting M. this, the coolest of onesies.


Hanging in my High-Chair

Look, Ma! I ate all my Cheerios!

So tired after my day of coolness...I will sleep dreaming of Mr. T

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Marjorie said...

Tracy and Ian: Your kid is really, really cute. I can tell that she will have a good sense of humor...at least make people laugh! Those saucer eyes are really amazing. love, mabell