Thursday, January 4

Christmas Cheer

Oh, what a busy Christmas it has been! I think that Matilda was a bit overwhelmed by all of the excitement and visits and new and different people, but she was a real trooper and we had a great holiday. Here are some highlights:

This is Matilda's new favorite is called, "How much of my fist can I force in my mouth before I start to gag?"

You know you live in the suburbs when your neighbor does this to their house. Christmas spirit anyone?

Can I help you?

Mix Master M., Santa's coolest elf, strikes a pose on Christmas morning

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades...(or it could just be that Southern California winter sunshine!)

Gettin' some lovin' from her good friend Claire (aka, sweetest baby in the universe). Comment most often received while hitting the after-Christmas sales with Mama and Auntie Erin? "Oh! Are they twins?" Yeah, lady...just born 9 months apart.


ErinBW said...

I love Matilda in the Santa hat. We have a similar photo of C that I must post soon.

Doug said...

She responds well to strangers, as evidenced by how she didn't freak out when I held her.

Make sure you curtail that before she gets older.

I'm just looking out for her. Now that we've bonded and all.

BellWookie said...

Ah ain't she cute! Something magical about that first Christmas!