Sunday, December 10

I Blew Nablopomo!

Okay, so all of my grand dreams of posting every day in November were dashed by CompUSA, who cruelly held my computer hostage for more than two weeks of National Blog Posting Month. Then, when I did manage to free my beloved Mac from their oppressive grip, I was so sad to have blown Nablopomo that I proceeded to not post anything for the next few weeks. I guess the moral of this story is that I'm better at doing things that I'm not assigned to do. Or that CompUSA sucks giant monkey choose.

To make up for my disgraceful lack of posts, I am posting some new pictures of the world's cutest baby. Now that I have all that Nablopomo guilt gone, I'll try to post regularly again...I may even finish up all those posts I have backlogged as "drafts." Maybe if I got more comments I would be more motivated to post more often! (not-so-subtle hint) Not that I am trying to blame you, gentle reader, for my appalling lack of industry; I'm just saying, I'd like to hear from you sometime!

Matilda hangs out with her friends Claire, Noah, and Dylan at Claire's birthday party. Who'd have ever thunk these three hot babes would all be sitting around with babies one day?

Matilda naps with her brothers...doggie style

Getting Matilda started on D&D at a young age.

And the best picture of all...a great big smile!


ErinBW said...

Thanks for the post!!!!!!! I've been needing my Matilda fix. (Ya' know, you can comment on MY blog too..hint, hint.)

ErinBW said...

I mean, SOMEONE hasn't posted a comment on BabyC's blog since AUGUST 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BellWookie said...

I love the photos! Thanks for sharing, and now that I have found you I will be reading diligently.

ZParents said...

Gosh -- last time I played D & D, I was put on probation for clocking our master in the head with a metal lunch box at Erin's house. Hmm -- think I am allowed back in the game yet?

Doug said...

I'm not suggesting that aspiring to post every day is tempting fate. I'm not saying that.

I'm just saying there's a reason I did NOT aspire to the NaBloPoMo challenge, despite your... encouragement... toward that end.

And if I've learned anything over the past three years: One must do this for its own sake, not to get comments.

Trust me.

(Of course, that Erin hasn't noticed the comments I've left on BabyC's blog is somewhat discouraging, but that too is an something that one must do for its own sake.)

"I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC." "And we're both computers, therefore we both suck."