Sunday, November 5

Sad Mac

Oh woe. My Mac is sick.

You PC users may think, "So? Computers get sick." But you silly PC-ers don't understand how it feels to have a dependable computer. When you trust something so implicitly, it feels like a personal betrayal for it to break down. I've never had any problems with any one of the 5 Macs I've owned in my life. And now this.

Anyone who has been a Mac person for any length of time understands that owning a Mac is the closest anyone will get to having a relationship with a machine until scientists create the race of slave robots who will eventually take over the world. And like in any good friendship, when your Mac is sad, you are sad. Sending your Mac in for repairs is downright depressing. But my beautiful iMac has betrayed has started randomly shutting down for no reason at error message, no funny noises, no just shuts off and then won't restart for at least 10 minutes. It is in this way that I have lost many blog entries mid-composition. It is in this way that I have fallen behind in my Nablopomo responsibilities. So now I am on Ian's PC (blech!) in order to get these blogs going. It's just not the same, though, without my Mac.

Get well soon, little Mac. Get well soon.

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