Saturday, November 11

Friday Night Geeks

Okay, I missed a day. My computer time is currently limited since I have to share Ian's PC, and I spent all my internet time last night on a very silly endeavor rather than writing a blog entry. Mea Culpa. Now that Ian has a job with normal hours (meaning he has Friday nights off), we went to our local game store's open gaming night to have loads of fun with our fellow gamer geeks. One of the guys we gamed with informed us that his entire game collection was on Board Game Geek, and that we could, in the future, peruse his collection om-line and send him requests for what games to bring in the future. Well, one of my favorite compulsions is categorizing things in an organized manner, so the thought of listing all our games on-line was irresistible. So instead of being a good blogger, I came home and spent three hours cataloging our game collection.

The new List of Ian and Tracy's Games has pictures and links to descriptions and ratings of each of our one hundred seventeen games. Yes, you heard right...117. And that only counts our board and card games, not any of the hundreds of role-playing books that Ian owns. The reason I'm showing this off is not to brag--for certainly there's nothing brag-worthy in being such enormous geeks--but because this way if you are ever coming over to our house, you can peruse our games ahead of time and decide what you want to play. In this way we avoid the inevitable standing in front of the game closet going, "What are we going to play? So many choices..."

Okay, and maybe I just want to brag a little...mock us if you will.

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