Wednesday, November 8

The First Smile Caught on Film

According to the baby books, Matilda was supposed to start smiling last week. She didn't. I was really beginning to worry that Ian's grumpy nature is genetic and that my baby would never smile, and then she started grinning this weekend. What bliss! I love to see her smile. For one, it's just so cute. For another, it is so satisfying to see actual human emotions on my baby's face. Until now her only two emotions have been crying and not crying. Now I can see what actually makes her happy. I finally caught that big gummy grin on film last night. Here is Matilda happy:
I'd like to say that this smile was inspired when Matilda found out that the Democrats took back Congress, but that would be a fib. We were sitting at Borders and M. was sitting in Daddy's lap while he read some big coffee table comic book. He turned the page to a picture of Wonder Woman, and this was her reaction. I could not imagine anything more appropriate than my mighty battle maiden loving Wonder Woman. I love this.

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