Tuesday, August 22

Tight and Thick

These words, which sound disturbingly like the title of a porno, are the exact words that the Dr used while probing my cervix today. "Tight and thick." In other words, 0% effaced, 0 cm dilated. In other words, the baby ain't comin' out any time soon. While I applaud the success of SuperCervix at holding in my giant baby, I must confess, I am ready for her to make an appearance. Yes, I know I have 4 weeks to go before my due date and that by any reasonable person's calculations I have no right to start whining just yet, but please also keep in mind that Matilda is currently nearing 7.5 pounds, and that's a lot of baby to be carrying around for the next 4 weeks. I don't think I'm out of line to hope that she might be just a tad bit premature.

Anyways, today's entry was meant to be a belly update, but, to be honest, I tire of keeping track of the numbers. We're past that now. Let's just say I'm fat and the monster grows...here's photographic evidence. Oh, and I'll let you know if my status changes from "tight and thick."


ErinBW said...

Oh, you look very beautiful!! Really! I love that skirt. Whose closet did you snag it out of?

ErinBW said...
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