Tuesday, May 2

Pregnancy Weeks 13-17: Oh Bliss! The Second Trimester!

I call this one "Beached Whale in Cowboy Hat"
17 weeks pregnant

Happy, happy, happy! Feelin' good and livin' large! Literally! I'm huge! I've been in maternity pants since week 10. Let me tell you how sick I am of this particular conversation:

Random Person: Oh! When are you due?
Me: (Resisting the urge to say, "Due? What are you talking about?") September 19
Random Person: Umm, are you sure you aren't having twins?

This was cute the first time. Now I want to shout, "Yes! I get it! I am a gigantic pregnant woman! I look like I'm a month away from giving birth! Thanks for mak
ing me feel fatter than I already do, though, you motard!"

My mom says it's genetic. I just think it's weird. How can such a little baby make such a huge belly? However, as many people
have pointed out, I do get to appreciate all of the perks of being obviously pregnant for longer than most women. So I guess I should just relish this time of people being nice to me while I have it. You! Be nice to me now! I must also admit that it is kind of freeing being this huge. I no longer worry about sucking in my gut; I just let it hang out and then wait for all the oooing and aaahing from those ladies who find pregnant women so adorable. Husband also finds me adorable. Go figure. You spend so much of your life trying to be skinny just to get the most compliments when you're at your fattest. Maybe this is why some women have 10 kids!

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